Giacomo Mori - Vineyards


Vigneto Giacomo Mori


With an overall area of 10 hectares, and oriented toward South/South–East, they have been set with a tree layout of 4500-5000 vines/hectare, “cordone speronato” system, trellis height of 1.60 m and a production of 70/75 quintals/hectare (1.5 kg/vine).


The prevailing variety is Sangiovese, which forms about 75% of the total production, followed by Merlot 12% with minor productions of Shiraz, Cabernet–Sauvignon, Colorino and Canaiolo, and a small quantity of white grapes, Malvasia and Trebbiano to produce the Vinsanto.

The grapes are harvested manually in 30 kg boxes.

Agronomist: Federico Curtaz.